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Welcome @ portal-to-web.de

This is my own domain especially for email transfers and other unix stuff.

I'm going to design a Website with some infos about me and things I do, but
this may take some time - also because I'm not a webdesigner ;)

but there are still some things you may want so know/see

My projects:

A Tacacs to Radius proxy
my implementation for accessing BMC Patrol Agent with PatrolPerl
e.g. my fine web-traceroute utility
my IPv6 AS-Path-Tree

My VPS providers for my 'off shore' backup services:

ns2.portal-to-web.de (alias orange - based in California): prgmr.com
ns3.portal-to-web.de (alias rambutan - based in Singapore): gplhost.com

Other stuff:

the Munich Postfix Mirror
the Munich sunfreeware Mirror

Members Webmail: click here
inxs members ipv6 ready
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